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Education/Recycling Information Center

Education/Recycling Information Center

Download Brochure PDF: Education/Recycling Information Center 


Vehicle Description: 

E.R.I.C. is a self contained 38 foot museum quality trailer that provides an active and engaging learning environment by illustrating how recycling lives on after items are tossed into the blue recycling container.  This mobile educational recycling trailer was built for the City of Tempe and designed to accommodate guests as they discover the various useful products created from landfill diverted material.  The educational trailer includes exhibits that heighten awareness, generate enthusiasm, and increase understanding of recycling among consumers and businesses.  The trailer itself contains many recycled and repurposed material, including the interior finishes featuring eco-friendly materials, such as the Nike Grind floor surface.  Call us today at (480) 464-7007 to find out if you qualify to purchase E.R.I.C. off of the Cooperative Purchasing Agreement or to get a quote on your very own mobile educational recycling vehicle.


Vehicle Features:

  • 38’ Trailer, dual 7,500# axles
  • Complete graphics wrap package
  • Layout Options:
    • Three to Six museum-quality, interactive, educational exhibits
    • Up to 12kW diesel generator, bio-diesel compatible
    • Eco-friendly construction materials including recycled, reclaimed and rapidly renewable materials
    • Video display
Recommended Chassis Options:
  • Box Truck
  • Step Van
  • Trailer

See inside with a virtual tour!

Quotes taken from a City of Tempe survey after ERIC's soft opening tours: 

“Fabulous exhibit – found the experience stimulating, educational and memorable. Activity book for kids is fun and I like the songs.” 

“Thanks for not only creating this useful and impressive interactive learning tool, but also for offering to allow other municipalities to rent the unit for use in their community as well.”

“Very impressed with ERIC and the interactive devices. I am interested to see your success in interacting with schools— space, time, usefulness. Seems that finding people that can move a trailer and one that’s the right size to fit in places is an issue and I am really curious for you to show how you overcame that or if you even needed to. Very impressive exhibit. Congratulations.”

“Very impressed with all the thought that went into this project! I really liked the fact that you can change out the exhibits and activities.”

“This unit was amazing! Very high quality displays, very informational, very fun and unique! :)
Great concept, well executed.”

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