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Occupational Health Testing

Occupational Health Testing Vehicles provide a mobile solution for your medical staff. The vehicles include a comfortable waiting area for patience outside of your mobile medical unit while you perform critical occupational health tests on site. The mobile health testing medical unit is equipped with two hearing booths that can simultaneously accommodate one patient each to speed up the testing process. The vehicles can be equipped with any specialty equipment you need in a mobile setting. A separate exam room contains a cardiac science tread mill and medical exam table that allows you to perform full-service exams on and off-site. Custom work areas with computer networking allow the staff to access medical records on the go and stay organized. Call us today at (480) 464-7007 to find out how we can make your medical facility mobile with our mobile occupational health testing unit. We will help you design the layout of your vehicle and figure out the best platform for your mobile needs.

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Occupational Health Testing Vehicle The Occupational Health Testing Vehicle is one of our mobile medical units built on a 38' motorhome chassis to provide full service audiology exams on and off site. Product Details

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