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Braun Vertical Platform Lifts

Braun Vertical Platform Lifts are the workhorses of the commercial and personal use lift industries.  All of the Braun lifts we offer are automatic, NHTSA compliant, and designed for years of reliable service.  Each lift is powdercoated yellow for safety and includes safety visual and audible safety warning features.  The lifts can be installed in a side or rear door application and have a lifting capacity of 800 lbs.  Call us today at (480) 464-7007 for a free quote and to determine the compatibility with your vehicle.

Order by:
Name Thumbnail Image Description  
Century-2 Series Wheelchair Lift The Century-2 Series Wheelchair Lift has integrated dual handrails, a durable handheld control box, and visual and audible safety warnings for your security and convenience. Product Details
Millennium-2 Series Wheelchair Lifts The Millennium-2 Series Wheelchair Lift is a fully automatic NHTSA compliant lift that is operated by an attendant. You can load in either direction and the locking mechanical Inboard Barrier (IB) prevents operation if occupied. Product Details
UVL Series Wheelchair Lifts The UVL Series Wheelchair Lift is the premier commercial wheelchair lift series for those looking for ADA compliance and maximum ambulatory seating. The UVL retracts into a weather-tight enclosure and remains out of your way until needed. Product Details
Vista-2 Series Wheelchair Lifts The Vista-2 Series Wheelchair Lifts have a unique stacking platform for increased passenger and driver visibility. It is an attendant operated, fully automatic NHTSA compliant lift. Product Details

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