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Multi-Casualty Incidents (MCI) 2100 Series Trailer

Multi-Casualty Incidents (MCI) 2100 Series Trailer


Vehicle Description: 

The Multi-Casualty Incidents 2100 Series Trailer is easy to deploy and perfect for pre-positioning around sites with a high incident rate.  The trailer comes fully stocked and ready to respond when delivered.  They are water, dust, and rodent proof to protect the supplies and equipment from being damaged and keep them sterile while being stored.  Eliminate hunting for supplies and increase your multi-casualty response time with this highly organized response trailer.  All supplies are in plain view and easy to find, which provides a standardized unit for disaster response.  Call us today at (480) 464-7007 for a free quote and to find out what mass casualty response trailer is best for your needs.


Vehicle Features: 

  • 10 Disaster Trauma Kits, filled
  • 10 Roll-A-Stretchers
  • 10 Trauma Patient Packs
  • 10 Back Boards
  • 3 Medical Supply Restock Totes, filled



Last Updated: Friday, 19 September 2014 16:50