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Series 5000 Mass Casualty Triage Cache / Trailer (MCI)

Series 5000 Mass Casualty Triage Cache / Trailer (MCI)


Vehicle Description: 

The 5000 Series Mass Casualty Trailer supplies you with all the tools you need to response to mass casualty incidents.  The trailer is easy to deploy, pre-stocked and highly organized, allowing you to be proactive and decrease your incident response and control time.  The unit includes all the medical supplies you need to respond to any mass casualty incident.  All of the supplies are within plain site to reduce the amount of time you spend searching for medical supplies and increase the number of patients you can help.  Call us today at (480) 464-7007 for a free quote and to find out how we can help you increase your department’s response efficiency.


Vehicle Features:

  • Capacities and Dimensions:
    • Length of trailer is 13' (tongue to rear bumper)
    • Width of trailer is 84" (fender to fender)
    • Overall height is 74" (ground to top of trailer)
    • Main body dimensions are 8' long, 5' high, 5' wide
    • Certified G.V.W.R. 2900 lbs.
    • Electric brakes
    • Standard production model
    • Trailer hitch is a 2" ball coupler
    • Standard weight of the trailer loaded is 2500#
  • EMS Supplies *All Supplies Come in Standard Production Model. No Exception.
    • 20 fully stocked Superior Disaster Trauma Kits.
      • Trauma kit container manufactured with 1000 Denier Cordura, red in color, with black carrying straps, approximate size 15"x15"x5".
      • The inside of the container shall be lined with clear plastic storage pockets.
      • The kit shall be stocked with the following items; fifteen 4x4's, five 5x9's, two rolls of 1" tape, two triangular bandages, one pair of paramedic shears, twelve rolls of 4" roller bandages, four 4 oz irrigation water packages, four cold packs, five burn towel packs, one arm roll-a-splint, one leg roll-a-splint, two face masks and eye shields, and two pairs of gloves.
    • Roll-A-Stretchers
      • Provide 20 Superior Roll-A-Stretchers.
      • The Superior Roll-A-Stretcher shall be made of 1000 Denier Cordura, red in color. These stretchers roll into a 10" diameter roll for storage.
      • These stretchers shall be 19" wide and 72" long, with a foam pad built into the stretcher. It will have 4 rope filled handles (8 total) equally spaced along each side of the stretcher.  Additionally, there shall be a full-length slot built into each side of the stretcher to accept a pike pole for ease of handling.
    • Trauma Patient Packs
      • Provide 32 Superior Trauma Patient Packs
      • Trauma Patient Packs provide a clean area for the patient to lay on while being treated. They are 72" long and 60" wide with a 19" pad sewn into the middle of the pack. The sides fold over the patient to help maintain body temperature if necessary.
      • Packs roll into a 19" wide roll for storage.
    • Wood Backboards
      • Provide 18 wood backboards, 14" wide and 72" long.
    • Medical Triage Management Kit
      • Provide one Superior Medical Triage Management Kit. The storage case is manufactured with 1000 Denier Cordura, red in color, approximately 14" wide, 15" tall, and 36" long.
      • The Medical Triage Management Kit shall be stocked with the following supplies: one 16'x20' red management tarp, one 16'x20' yellow management tarp, one 16'x20' green management tarp, one 16'x20' black management tarp, one red vest, one yellow vest, one green vest, one black vest, two blue vests, one red hard hat, one yellow hard hat, one green hard hat, one black hard hat, two blue hard hats, fifty triage tags, and six clipboards.
    • Medical Restock Boxes
      • Provide three (3) medical restock boxes, approximate size 24" long, 12" wide, 12" deep, and stocked with supplies to re-stock the Disaster Trauma Kits.
 ItemKit Boxes* 
4x4's Sterile 2 / Pack 15 900 
4x4's Non-Sterile About 30 2 PK 200 
5x9's Sterile Dressings300 
4" Roller Bandages 12 200 
Burn Towels40 
Triangular Bandages40 
Rolls of 1" Tape48 
Pairs of Gloves -0- 
Face Mask & Shields25 
EMT Shears 25 
4 oz irrigation water packettes 120 
Cold Packs48 
Superior Arm Splints 20 
Superior Leg Splints 20 
Box of Exam Gloves -0- 



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