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ADA Accessible RV/Motorhome

ADA Accessible RV/Motorhome



Vehicle Description:

This motorhome was adapted for ADA accessibility with a Braun UVL Series Wheelchair Lift.  The UVL retracts into a weather-tight enclosure and remains out of your way until needed.  It can be installed in the existing step configuration of your RV or in dedicated door applications.  It provides more flexibility in floor plan design because it doesn't take up precious interior space.  We also installed an EZ Lock Tie Down System for wheelchair docking stability.  The EZ Lock Tie Down System allows you to secure a wheelchair to the vehicle floor easily and without struggling to cinch straps down.  Call us at (480) 464-7007 to find out how we can adapt your RV or motorhome to your needs.

Vehicle Features:

  • Braun UVL Series Wheelchair Lift
  • EZ Lock Tie Down System for Wheelchair

Optional Vehicle Features:

  • Braun Lift
  • Ricon Lift
  • CoachLift (Chair that rises on a lift tube; adaptable to all RVs/motorhomes)
  • Superarm Basement Model Motorhome Lift 

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