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Motorhome ADA Wheelchair Accessible Conversion

Motorhome ADA Wheelchair Accessible Conversion

Vehicle Description: 

Quality Vans remodeled this motorhome for wheelchair access.  A remote controlled air door was installed with a Superarm Basement Model Motorhome Lift.  The Superarm is a safe and unobtrusive lift designed for motorhomes.  The Superarm Lift series ensures no doorways are blocked, no platform is used, and less parking space is needed.  The Superarm is a quiet, safe, and easy to install solution for an ADA accessible motorhome.  We understand that customizing a motorhome for ADA accessibility is a challenging task because of limited space.  We ensure that your motorhome layout is spacious, safe, and easy to use.

Vehicle Features:

  • Complete Conversion for Wheel chair Access
  • Superarm Basement Model Motorhome Lift
  • Remote Controlled Air Door
  • Removed queen sized bed and installed two medical beds (adjustable for comfort)
  • Leveled and gradual inline on floors
  • Removal of second bathroom
  • Bathroom made wheel chair accessible
  • Widened hallway access
  • Remodeled shower with tile and flat floor (designed to be able to roll in effortlessly)

Optional Features:

  • Braun Lift or Braun UVL
  • Ricon Lift
  • CoachLift (Chair that rises on a lift tube; adaptable to all RVs/motorhomes)¬†

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