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UVL Series Wheelchair Lifts

UVL Series Wheelchair Lifts


UVL Series Wheelchair Lifts

The Braun UVL, or "Under Vehicle Lift," has emerged as the premier commercial wheelchair lift series for those seeking ADA compliance along with maximum ambulatory seating. Offered as an alternative to platform-style lifts, the UVL retracts into a weather-tight enclosure and remains out of your way until needed.

The lift may be installed in your existing step configuration or in dedicated door applications. With a number of different models capable of several floor-to-ground heights, there is a UVL designed to fit your needs.

As you use this guide, keep in mind that the dedicated application of the UVL makes it different from other Braun lift series, and the selection process depends on many factors. Our sales force and engineers stand ready to work closely with you in the lift selection process.


  • The lift is mounted out of sight and out of the way providing more flexibility in floorplan design.
  • Custom inboard roll stops/bridge plates are incorporated to meet a variety of door, stepwell and operational requirements.

Safety Features

  • Lift will not raise without the Automatic Roll Stop in the up position.
  • Lift will not stow with a wheelchair user on the platform.
  • Manual backup system incorporated for emergency situations.


  • Lift housing is made of high strength corrosion resistant aluminum
  • Automatic outer roll stop
  • Slip-resistant platform surface
  • Hand-held four button pendant control
  • Lift is fully enclosed and protected from the weather
  • Bearings are sealed and self-lubricating
  • All functions operate from a digital logic board located inside the power pack
  • Digital diagnostic system incorporated for easy trouble shooting
  • Remotely mounted electrical hydraulic power pack
  • Hydraulic cylinder(s) with power up / gravity down operation.

The durable handheld control box features illuminated functions

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