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Show Dog Transportation Van

The number one concern for show dog transportation vans is safety for both the dogs and passengers.  Our show dog vans include custom platform heights to fit your specific kennel sizes.  We also install rings on the floor to leash your dogs for safety and stability.  Our climate controlled rear and individual fans ensure that your dogs will never overheat.  Whether you provide dog handling services for a variety of show dogs or your taking your prize pooch to a dog show, you are assured that they will arrive at the show calm, safe, and rejuvenated.

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Show Dog Transport Vehicle Show Dog Transportation Vehicle built to transport show dogs long distances in comfort and without overheating. Product Details
Show Dog Transportation Van Our Show Dog Transportation Van is climate controlled and customized to safely transport your show dogs. Platforms in the vehicles accommodate different cage sizes for a variety of dog breeds. Product Details
Show Dog Transportation Vehicle Show Dog Transportation Vehicle built on a sprinter chassis with several cage and storage options to suit your specific needs. Product Details

Last Updated: Thursday, 02 October 2014 03:22