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We are a service oriented company.  Our vehicles are built to order.  We work with a range of specialized tools, techniques and materials to accomplish our customer's specific vehicle needs.  Our services are developed for the rigorous demands of a mobile platform. Our team of engineers, designers, fabricators, cabinet makers and installation specialists are prepared to meet your specialty vehicle needs.  As a company we have been building custom coaches since 1974.  We have a diverse, highly qualified team of specialists trained to accommodate the unique demands of our clientele.

Design and Manufacturing

We work with the customer to come up with the layout and interior configuration to best suit their needs. We are experienced in designing and manufacturing custom vehicles that utilize space efficiently and effectively.

Metal Fabrication

Our team offers metal fabrication for custom interiors, exteriors, compartments and storage cabinets, and generator installation. We can bend, cut, and form steel and other high-end metals to add value and durability to your mobile environment.

Building and Installing Cabinets

Our in-house woodworking shop designs and builds custom cabinetry, shelving, and other wood-based applications. Our woodworkers create sturdy, detail-oriented, and high quality solutions that work great and look great.

Electrical Wiring and Design

We are experienced in electrical wiring and design that address our customers’ energy needs. We can upfit a vehicle with a 120 volt AC, 12 volt DC, audio, video, computer networks systems, and emergency lighting. If you have any additional technological needs, consult with a member of our team and we will find a solution.

Spray Foaming Insulation

We use spray foam insulation because it adheres to the surface of the vehicle and adds to the overall integrity. Spray foam is moisture resistant and doesn’t shift and fall inside the walls like bat insulation. Our spray foam insulation has an R-rating of 7 per inch. The R-value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the building and construction industry. It is the ratio of the temperature difference across an insulator and the heat flux (heat flow per unit area). Higher R-ratings translate to better insulation.

Lift Installation

We install lifts for both personal and commercial use. We can install in vans and RV’s. Our lift solutions are use-operable and ADA compliant. We care about our customers and want to make their travelling experience as safe and effortless as possible.

Generator Installation

We do custom generator installation for any mobile application. We offer gas, diesel, and propane options that supply power at 120 or 240 voltage. We are an Onan certified sales and service center.

Light(s) installation

We install interior lighting according to the customer’s needs. We also offer Whelen and Code 3 emergency lighting and Night Scan, which is scene lighting that uses a floodlight to light up the space outside the vehicle.

RV Motor Home

We provide wheelchair accessible conversions and lifts. We also do custom flat screen T.V. installations and personalized office or computer work station areas. We design, build, and install all of our custom RV/Motor Home solutions.