Mobile Product Sales: Sprinter Van

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Vehicle Description:

The Mobile Product Sales van was custom built for comic book sales, but can be upfitted for a variety of uses. Target your customers by attending relevant shows, conventions, events, and more. Don’t wait for your customer to come to you. Bring your product to your customer. This vehicle has become a regular attraction at comic conventions and events from coast to coast. It’s large enough inside to view the merchandise comfortably without having to hunch over. Mobile sales vehicles are particularly beneficial because they eliminate office rental costs and don’t tie you down to one location.  Your sales patterns can be more flexible and reach new customers that wouldn’t otherwise visit your store.

>Vehicle Features:

  • Custom solid bulkhead (with or without window)
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Custom lighting
  • Durable rubber flooring
  • Slatwall
  • Display racking
  • Onboard 12VDC and 110VAC power
  • Complete exterior graphics wrap

Recommended Chassis Options:

  • Sprinter Van
  • Ford, Chevy or Dodge Vans
  • Box Truck
  • Step Van
  • Trailer

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