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EOD Bomb Response Truck

EOD Bomb Response Truck


Vehicle Description: 


Our EOD/Bomb Response vehicles are engineered to last and can be counted on for years of dependable service.  The EOD unit is specifically designed for professionals who detect and dispose of potentially explosive items.  The commercial lift makes it easy to transport the robot in and out of the van for quick and reliable operation.  The workstation allows for command and communication capabilities between your team members with plenty of room to allow for a comfortable, safe area to operate the robot.  Call us today at (480) 464-7007 for a free quote and to find out how we can help you with your Bomb Response Vehicle purchase.



Vehicle Features: 

  • Freightliner MT-55 Chassis 
  • 18’ Walkway Grumann/Morgan Body
  • 1 Workstation Configuration
  • 7kW Onan Commercial Generator
  • Side Door Robot Lift
  • Exterior access equipment storage
  • Day and Cap Box Storage

Recommended Chassis Options:

  • Sprinter Van
  • Box Truck
  • Step Van
  • Trailer
  • Motorcoach

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