Company Background

Quality Vans began in 1974 as a local van upfitter in Mesa, AZ. The company expanded as van conversions gained popularity through the 70’s and 80’s. Quality Vans quickly grew to be the #1 van conversion company in Arizona. Previous owner Bob Becker began supplying a popular line of van conversions to the dealer networks after acquiring bailment pool status for Dodge and GM products. He branched out into truck and SUV conversions as their popularity exploded in the 90’s. In April of 1999, Bob was ready to retire; he sold Quality Vans to Ed and Kathy Steele.

They took the opportunity to add several key employees to expand and establish their capabilities as a specialty vehicle manufacturer. Ed and Kathy Steele saw the potential of the industry to go far beyond van conversions. In 2004, Quality Vans & Specialty Vehicles changed locations to a spacious 12,000 square foot building in Tempe, Arizona. This new building gave the space needed to expand services and dive head first into manufacturing more involved specialty vehicles.

Since that time Quality Vans & Specialty Vehicles has designed and built numerous medical, municipal, police, and emergency related vehicles. These vehicles have ranged from health screening, maternity testing, and recycling education to public safety vehicles such as prisoner transport, SWAT Team, Explosive Ordinance Device trucks, DUI enforcement, Mobile Command, and Surveillance vehicles.

In 2012, Ed and Kathy Steele decided to retire and Doug, Vicki and Gary Reber saw an opportunity to apply the skills gained in 25+ years of small business, wholesale distribution, engineering and technology to Quality Vans & Specialty Vehicles. With the combined efforts of the staff assembled by the Steele’s and the Reber’s experience, Quality Vans & Specialty Vehicles will continue to provide a superior quality product and service for years to come. Please visit our Specialty Vehicle Showcase to see a more comprehensive view of our capabilities.

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