Category: EOD/Bomb Response

EOD Bomb Response Truck

Vehicle Description: Our EOD/Bomb Response vehicles are engineered to last and can be counted on for years of dependable service. ┬áThe EOD unit is specifically designed for professionals who detect and dispose of potentially explosive items. ┬áThe commercial lift makes … More Details

Explosive Ordinance Vehicle (Chevy C5500)

Vehicle Description: We configured our bomb response (EOD) vehicles to meet the special needs of a Bomb Squad Commander. This unit is constructed for durability and reliability because we know funding limits require years of dependable service. Our vehicle can … More Details

Explosive Ordinance EOD Vehicle (Freightliner MT45)

Vehicle Description: Bomb response teams face extreme pressure to respond and react instantly and appropriately. The demands of a bomb response team require a EOD vehicle that goes above and beyond expectations. This EOD Vehicle offers a designated area for … More Details

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