Municipal Vehicles

Quality Vans & Specialty Vehicles is ready to meet the needs of your municipality. We are dedicated to building vehicles that are distinctive, innovative, and include the latest technologies. Our utility services vehicles are designed to your specifications and can include a 7.0 gas generator, roof mounted AC, plentiful storage, and more. Our Mobile Classroom is equipped with cork walls, a dry erase board, and an ADA accessible option. It’s a perfect environment for mobile education. We also build Bookmobiles upfitted with a 4,000 volume configuration, audio/visual capabilities, and a computer network. Our Bookmobiles enable municipalities to bring literature directly to the school systems.

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Willamette ESD Mobile Hearing Truck

Vehicle Description: The Willamette Education Service District’s mobile hearing truck was built on a Ford F650 chassis with a 26′ van body.  The mobile hearing truck is ADA compliant with a wheel chair lift and ADA accessible sound booth.  The … More Details

Ford Transit: AZ Lottery Event-Sales

Vehicle Description: This custom-built Ford Transit was designed to the Arizona Lottery’s requirements for mobile ticket sales. The generator was mounted on the curb side to accommodate the two vending style doors setup street side for ticket sales. Interior counters were … More Details

Utah State Bookmobile

Click to View Full-Size Image Vehicle Description: The State of Utah’s bookmobile was built on a 2015 38’ Winnebago commercial shell. The Utah bookmobile helps to provide library service to those in rural areas that don’t have access to a … More Details

Prescott Valley Camera Truck

Click to View Full-Size Image Vehicle Description: Quality Vans & Specialty Vehicles worked with Prescott Valley Water to use a re-purposed 16′ moving truck and provide the Town a mobile testing lab. This vehicle will be used as a sewer … More Details

Phoenix Water Testing

Click to View Full-Size Image Vehicle Description: We custom built this utility service water testing vehicle for the City of Phoenix.  The vehicle was upfitted with custom wood cabinetry designed for specific uses determined by the end users.  Storage for … More Details

South Dakota Mobile Hearing Testing Lab

Click to View Full-Size Image Vehicle Description: The State of South Dakota’s mobile hearing testing lab was built on a Ford F650 chassis with a 26′ van body.  The mobile hearing testing lab is ADA accessible with a wheel chair … More Details

Mobile Classroom

Click to View Full-Size Image Vehicle Description: Mobile Classrooms are the perfect solution for an overcrowded school or reaching out to remote students.  We design safe, well-lit, comfortable learning environments for your students in this mobile classroom.  Connect with your … More Details

Mobile Computer Lab

Click to View Full-Size Image Download Brochure PDF: Vehicle Description: The Hopi Wuwanamptapsikisve Mobile Computer Lab was built to provide access to services across the Hopi Tribe no mater the location.  With the roof mounted AVL Technologies 1278K Mobile VSAT … More Details

Utility Service: Water Test Truck

Vehicle Description: We custom built this utility service vehicle for water testing, including gathering and analyzing discharge water, supplying water, and collecting samples for contamination or pollution studies.  We understand that the integrity of water is important, which is why … More Details

Cadaver Transportation Van

Vehicle Description: Cadaver transportation is an important aspect of any death care industry.  With our cadaver transportation van, you will have no problem comfortably transporting up to four bodies.  The refrigerated rear ensures that the cadavers remain in perfect condition … More Details

Bookmobile (City of Apache Junction)

Vehicle Description: Custom bookmobiles are designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of each library system. Your bookmobile can be built in varying sizes to accommodate any number of volumes. Empower your community and create a revenue stream for your … More Details

Bookmobile: Mobile Book Library

Vehicle Description: Bookmobiles are a great outreach tool that ensures public library materials and services reach a wider, more diverse range people who otherwise would not have access to such information, such as those with disabilities, the very young or … More Details