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Vehicle Description:

Bookmobiles are a great outreach tool that ensures public library materials and services reach a wider, more diverse range people who otherwise would not have access to such information, such as those with disabilities, the very young or elderly and those in institutions such as schools, nursing homes, correctional facilities, etc. A Mobile Book Library will reach community members isolated by distance, poverty, lack of education, or transportation. Bookmobiles are the least expensive and most efficient way to reach those who cannot travel to their public library. Our bookmobiles will give you the tools to empower the members of your community that otherwise wouldn’t have access to literature and other library services and can serve as a revenue stream for your library through book fairs and other community events. Call us today at (480) 464-7007 for a free quote and to find out how we can help you with your mobile book library purchase.

Vehicle Features:

  • Freightliner MT-55 Chassis
  • Morgan/Olson 24’ Loadspace
  • 10.0 kW Onan Commercial Generator
  • 4000 Volume Configuration
  • Audio/Video Capable
  • Computer Networked

Recommended Chassis Options:

  • Sprinter Van
  • Ford, Chevy or Dodge Vans
  • Box Truck
  • Step Van
  • Trailer

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